The Invisible Rider by Kirsten McDougall

The cover and illustrations are by Gerard Crewdson

I was pleased and privileged yesterday to launch this book at the Thistle Hall in Wellington. This is my launch speech.

I was fortunate to be present at the birth of Philip Fetch. It was during a workshop on world-building that my sister Sara and I . . . → Read More: The Invisible Rider by Kirsten McDougall

Margaret Mahy, Hero

I first met Margaret Mahy when I was working in the shop in the old National Museum, Buckle Street. I met her in The Haunting, then, the very next day, in The Changeover. I was too old to have read Margaret’s picture books as a child, and I sometimes think what it would have been . . . → Read More: Margaret Mahy, Hero

My post-Leipzig talk

In March of this year ten writers and six publishers from New Zealand were at the Leipzig Book Fair, on the Frankfurt Book Fair’s stand. We were being introduced to German journalists, publishers and readers as part of the preparations for New Zealand’s appearance as Country of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair this October. . . . → Read More: My post-Leipzig talk

In purgatory stories are street lamps (1)

I thought it might be easiest just to post the lovely photo of Mum from her order of service (it’s on my facebook). But then I wrote this.

Over the past few years it’s been family, friends, and fiction for me. They were all a challenge, and all sustained me. I want to write a . . . → Read More: In purgatory stories are street lamps (1)

True Story 2

My mother has Progressive Bulbar Palsy, which is a form of Motor Neuron Disease (ALS). I wrote this in May last year.

Mum in Ezibuy looking for winter clothes because nothing from last year fits her. We choose a pair of size eight needle cord pants and two skivvies that—as it turns out—are too tight. . . . → Read More: True Story 2

Fate, time travel, and truth-telling: The Dreamhunter Duet

Back in 2009 a fan of The Dreamhunter Duet found me on Facebook and wrote to me with questions. I answered her first few and she came back with more, prompted by a conversation she’d had about the books with some friends of hers. (I didn’t know it then, but this encounter was a little . . . → Read More: Fate, time travel, and truth-telling: The Dreamhunter Duet

Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges, and some thoughts on world view

This was an excitingly unusual reading experience. It didn’t feel like any other book, partly because it handled its subject matter in an unexpected way.

Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges is about a young couple who become very rich—and their children. It’s about privilege, and has what you expect: townhouses and country houses, driver’s services and . . . → Read More: Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges, and some thoughts on world view

True Story 1

(This is the first of the stories I’ve come up with for True Stories Live. I don’t want to perform any story more than three of four times. I’ve done this one in Auckland and Whanganui and Wellington, so here it is now on my blog, with a name changed to protect the then youthful)

. . . → Read More: True Story 1

Why I Write Fantasy (1)

I write fantasy and science fiction, realist fiction, and essays. In the essays, you might find yourself reading an account of a time in my life and stuff that happened to me, my family and friends. Or you might get my musings on some subject like what do we mean when we say that something . . . → Read More: Why I Write Fantasy (1)

Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my website.

You’ll find information about the books here, and links to mebooks, a site that will sell you e-book versions of The Vintner’s Luck and its sequel The Angel’s Cut (with After Z-Hour and Glamour and the Sea soon to follow). There are interviews, several of which have never been published before. . . . → Read More: Welcome to my Website